Here you can find all of the posts and articles I’ve written in reverse chronological order.

It’s Time for the Packers to Trade Aaron Rodgers

The Hope(lessness) of Draft Day

Past Mistakes, Present Absurdities

Refuel and Reinvigorate: What Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Can Achieve

Impeach Him. Now.

Five Thoughts: What Is It Going To Take?

Five Thoughts: Slide To The Left, Slide To The Right

Five Thoughts: What A Load of Poll-S**t

Five Thoughts: Trump (Un)Deterred

Five Thoughts on the Election: Restoration

Into the World of High Fantasy

It’s Not Politics. It’s Humanity.

Situation Normal: All Trumped Up

“It’s Not About You, It’s About The Kid”

Turning Protesters Into Activists

Some Thoughts

A Fairway To The New Normal

Demons in Black, Demons in White

Getting Through COVID-19: Lessons From A Motivational Speaker

Schrödinger’s Dictator

Writing That Matters

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