That’s me. And that’s my history thesis. 10,000 words of stress, chaos, and coffee led to those pages I’m holding right there.

I studied as a historian. I trained as a political scientist. I dabble in sports journalism, fiction, and screenplays. I don’t consider myself to be any singular one of those; instead, I consider myself to be a writer. I look at the world around me and write about what I observe. Often that involves research; occasionally that involves interviews; in rare instances, it requires the medium of fiction to make sense of reality. But always, always, it requires feeling. Because anyone can jot down facts and observations; only writers can instill them with the bolts of emotion and sentiment that carry directly into the heart of the reader.

That’s me. I’m a writer. And this is my website. I hope you enjoy.

Experience and Styles


I have a BA in history from the College of Wooster and a MSc in History and International Relations from the London School of Economics. My interests include Atlantic history, the Age of Revolutions, slavery, naval affairs, and 20th century Latin America. I’ve been published in the International Journal of Naval History and co-authored a photobook depicting student life at the College of Wooster.


I co-founded and co-run Standing Room Only, a blog celebrating the sport of baseball and the fans that make the game special. I’ve written over 150 blog posts for Standing Room Only, cataloguing ballparks visits in eight different states and two different countries.

Politics and Current Affairs

I have a minor in political science from the College of Wooster, and during my master’s degree I studied contemporary trends impacting presidential communication in the US and political unrest in Latin America. I served as a US politics correspondent for The London Globalist where I covered the 2018 midterm elections and the 2020 Democratic primary. I am currently the supervising editor of INTERZINE, a digital magazine analyzing current events through a historical lens.


I worked as the Head of Entertainment at KingsTV in 2014-15, where I wrote and directed their flagship sitcom I’ve Got Your Back. I also wrote a short film, Battersea, which premiered at the British Film Institute in 2015. I have also taught workshops in screenwriting strategies and techniques to novice writers.

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