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Recent Articles

“It’s Not About You, It’s About The Kid”

What were you doing when the world started to fall apart?

When coronavirus shut down American sports leagues, then the entire nation? When our lives devolved into endless PSAs promoting social distancing, flattening the curve… (read more)

Turning Protesters Into Activists

In the modern era, the satirical news website The Onion can feel more accurate than The New York Times. There’s an article they repost after every mass shooting in the United States where the headline reads: “‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation…(read more)

Some Thoughts

I didn’t intend to write anything today. I’ve been ensconced in a couple of different research projects that have taken up most of my waking hours of late. But the events of the past week have demanded that I lift my head up from researching the past and pay attention to the injustices of the present… (read more)



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